How To Clean A Swag

Your swag is most likely to get dirty when you are camping in the wild, in a festival, or even in your backyard. Direct sunlight may also cause some damage to your swag. When the weather is not encouraging for camping, you are most likely to store your swag indoors, and this could be a breeding ground for molds. As a swag owner, you probably understand that dirt and mold could reduce the lifespan of the swag, and you need to improve your maintenance techniques. Here are tips on how to clean your swag to increase their lifespan and utility of your camping essentials.
To clean your canvas swag mix 1 litre of warm water with 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Once mixed, let your washcloth soak in the mixture for a couple minutes while you vacuum the dust and dirt off the swag. After vacuuming simply give your swag a good wipe down using the washcloth and warm water solution.

Some of the Essential Tools That Help With Cleaning the Swag

How to Remove Debris and Dirt from Your Swag

You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt accumulated on the canvas after days of camping. You should unfurl the swag and shake off the excess debris and pay attention to the corners, storage pockets that are sensitive.
You might notice stains after removing the debris from the swag, and to remove these stains, you should soak the swag in the kiddie pool. Apply the mild soap on the areas with stains and scrub gently using a soft brush or a sponge. You should go ahead and rinse the swag and let it dry before storing, and you should be careful not to let the swag stay for long in the water as it could lead to other issues such as mildew and mold.

How to Clean Moulds from a Swag

If you suspect that your swag has got molds, investigate to check if it has mold, and you should see green or bluish specks, which indicates the growth of molds. Vinegar is the best cleaning means that gets molds off a swag, and you have to spray vinegar on the swag and scrub off marks with a gentle brush that does not leave scratches on the swag. You should use hot water on the parts that have the growth, which helps work on the molds, and you should repeat the scrubbing and hot water treatment until the molds have disappeared. It could help if you left the swag to dry and repeat the process to ensure that you do not leave any molds on the swag. You may wish to use bleach on stubborn stains that are left behind by the molds if the vinegar does not clear the molds and stains.

How to Take Care of Your Swag

When camping, ensure that you inspect the area where you want to set up the swag, ensure that it does not have dust or debris that could make the swag dirty. Ensure that the ground is dry to avoid water seepage to the swag, which causes mold formation. After cleaning your swag, ensure that it dries off well as you want to store it when dry to avoid mold formation and deterioration of the canvas material.

The Bottom Line

Your swag is predisposed to dirt and mold as a result of storage and continued use in outdoor spaces. Ensure that you keep it clean at all times as this helps prolong its life and utility, you should remove all debris and wash it with warm soapy water. In case of mould, ensure that you use vinegar or bleach for effective stain removal.

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