Weisshorn Swag Review – Our Top 3 Picks [2020]

Weisshorn is one of the leading providers of high quality camping swags and in this article I will show you the differences between various Weisshorn swags so you can choose the right one for you.

One of the great things about these swags is that they are good quality and easy to set up.

1. Weisshorn Double Camping Swag

This swag has a cover made from a water-repellent canvas and mesh. This will help protect you from harmful UV-rays and reduce the build up of heat.

This swag cover will keep insects out with it’s specially designed mesh panels. You can enjoy having the swag fully enclosed for privacy as it features a heavy-duty zipper for both mesh and canvas.

This swag has pre-curved poles which provide extra strength and stability in all sorts of weather compared to the standard straight poles. Easy to use guide ropes make assembling this swag easier than ever.

The floor is made from waterproof PVC with a 10cm edge that prevents water leaking in. Included is also a 60mm high foam mattress which is comfortable on any surface.

Comes with high quality carry bag so it’s easy to take with you anywhere and has enough room inside that you could keep everything you need including pet supplies.

One customer commented:

“We got our swag delivered quicker than expected and we just got back from a 2 week camping trip with the double swag and my wife and I absolutely loved it, the mattress was comfy and the based kept out the dew really well. It was also really easy to take with us in the carry bag. Overall we would highly recommend this swag to any couples out there.”

Weisshorn Double Camping Swag Dimensions

Base Dimensions: 210cm x 145cm
Height: 90cm
Mattress Thickness: 6cm

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2. Weisshorn King Single Swag

The Weisshorn king single camping swag is very lightweight and  has enough room for you to feel comfortable no matter what the season.

The king single has a waterproof PVC floor edge which will keep the dew from leaking inside.

For extra stability and strength the poles are made from aluminum.

This swag provides excellent ventilation with its water repellent walls, UV resistant and mould resistant design.

Someone recently reviewed this swag saying:

“This was better than I expected for the price of the swag and it definitely has a few great features such as the double zip panels and PVC floor edge which works well. “

Weisshorn King Single Swag Dimensions

Base Dimensions: 210cm x 90cm
Height: 70cm (head), 40cm (feet)
Mattress Thickness: 6cm

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3. Weisshorn Biker Swag

The Weisshorn biker swag has walls made from ripstop canvas that is UV resistant, mould resistant, rot-proof and of course water-repellent to ensure your swag provides great cover and ventilation in all types of weather.

Like the other Weisshorn swags, the biker swag has a waterproof PVC base to prevent dew leaking in and also has a foam mattress (50mm thick) to keep your comfortable and warm.

The poles are made from high quality aluminum to ensure they are very strong and stable while being easy to set.

What customers are saying:

“Great swag from Weisshorn. Have had a swag from them in the past that didn’t last as long as I liked but this one looks very promising. Very happy with my purchase so far!”

Weisshorn Biker Swag Dimensions

Base Dimensions: 210cm x 85cm
Height: 60cm (head), 40cm (feet)
Mattress Size: 190cm x 50cm
Mattress Thickness: 5cm

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