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What To Take On A Hiking Trip – Top 10 Items You Must Bring

What better way to spend a summer day than exploring nature? But before you hit the trails, think carefully about all those little essentials you’ll need to take. Hiking boots are an obvious one, but depending on how far you’ll be hiking, the remoteness of the area, and the type of weather you have in store, there are a few other things you really won’t want to be without. Get your hike off to...

How To Clean A Swag

Your swag is most likely to get dirty when you are camping in the wild, in a festival, or even in your backyard. Direct sunlight may also cause some damage to your swag. When the weather is not encouraging for camping, you are most likely to store your swag indoors, and this could be a breeding ground for molds. As a swag owner, you probably understand that dirt and mold could reduce the lifespan...

Best Weisshorn Swags – Our Review 2020

Weisshorn is one of the leading providers of high quality camping swags and in this article I will show you the differences between various Weisshorn swags so you can choose the right one for you. 1. Weisshorn Double Camping Swag The weisshorn double camping swag has a cover made from a water-repellent canvas and mesh. This will help protect you from harmful UV-rays and reduce the build up of...