Swag Brands

Wanderer Swags

Wanderer Swags Company is an Australian-based company founded in 2004 by Andrew Parsons with a mission to provide Australians with premium, high quality camping swags at affordable prices. In doing so they have provided Australia with outdoor gear which stands up to tough weather conditions while staying lightweight for easy transport. Their range of swags […]

Saul Swags

Saul Swags are locally made by Saul. He is a local man who has been making these swags for over 20 years. The company is called Saul Swag Company because the designer, Saul, makes individual swag panels inspired by bright colors and fun patterns (see image below). The company offers custom sizing based on customer […]

Dune Swags

Dune swags are 100% Australian made, with 90% of production in house. They are not only beautiful but also incredibly functional. Quality workmanship is what the team at Dune strives for when designing their swags. All materials are sourced from high quality suppliers and tested before being added to the product line up to ensure […]

Crash Pad Swags

Crash Pads are a line of high quality swags made by Australian company Crash Pad Swags. Crash Pad Swag’s products are designed to be lightweight, durable and easy to pack away which is perfect for campers, tourists or anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation. In addition to being highly functional their range is also very stylish […]

Panorama Swags

Swags are great for camping. They provide a sleeping area separate from the rest of the gear in your pack and can be used to keep you warm on cool nights. A good swag will help you enjoy the outdoors even more than usual, but finding one that is suitable for your needs is not […]

Boab Swags

What better way to promote Australia as a country than through its swags? For those who may not be well-versed in the Australian term, a “Boab Swag” is basically another name for a bedroll – you know, one of those things that people used to carry around and sleep on when they were traveling (usually […]

Jungle Reef Swags

For those who intend to camp out and want the best, there is one brand that stands above the rest: Jungle Reef Swags. This Australian made camping swag business has been in operation since 1953 and continually produces quality outdoor sleeping products. The company was founded by Bill and Dorothy Rothwell and originally named both […]

MDC Swags

MDC Swags was founded in the year 1957 and is an iconic company that makes quality swags. MDC currently has over 100 years of manufacturing and supplying the best swag designs and materials, to fulfill Australia’s extensive need for comfortable swag camping accessories. MDC Swags are manufactured with the highest standard of quality and durability […]

Oztrail Swags

Swags are popular camping equipment used in Australia to sleep in overnight. Swags come in different sizes and the most popular swag brand in Australia is Oztrail. About Oztrail Swags Company Oztrail is a well-known camping product company that began in 1993 with their mission to create quality, innovative swags. They sell their products across […]

Sahara Swags

The Australian owned company, Sahara Swags, is dedicated to making the best swag on the market. The brand was born in 2003 with its founders designing and manufacturing outdoor products for over ten years before. Their aim has always been to make camping more comfortable and luxurious by developing new ranges that are functional whilst […]

Blackwolf Swags

Blackwolf swags are Australian outdoor and camping equipment that is made by the company Blackwolf. The company was founded in 1992 and has helped pioneer sleeping bag technology. It focuses on creating outstanding products for both its own brand and other brands as well. Blackwolf swags are known for their high quality due to sturdy […]

Jolly Swagman Swags

Jolly Swagman is an Australian company that was founded in 2000 with the objective to provide outdoor enthusiasts around the world with premium quality, functional, and stylish camping equipment. Their extensive range of camping gear consists of everything your next adventure will require – whether it be hiking or cycling gear, a unique piece of […]

Arb Swags

Arb swags are a well known brand of swag Australia wide. The company was founded in 1948 as a small, family owned business and has expanded into one of Australia’s top retailers. The company specializes in outdoor camping equipment for men, women and children. Arb is now owned by Grand Prix International who expanded their […]

Murchison River Swags

Murchison River Swags are Australian swags made by the Murchison River Company. The company was started in 1988 with four swags, and now they have grown to be Australia’s most widely distributed swag brand. Their great service is marked by their ‘swag guarantee’ which covers any faults or defects with their products for 10 years. […]

Kulkyne Swags

Hundreds of people from Australia and around the world own a Kulkyne Swag, as they are known as one of the finest providers of swags available today. Swags are essentially a simple bag with a zip on three sides for entry, as well as an integrated pocket used to hold pillows or clothes. Traditionally, they […]

Adventure Kings Swags

We all need a relaxing holiday from time to time, and the Adventure Kings swag is perfect for that. No matter what you’re doing, it will help you get a good night’s sleep at the end of a long day. Many people worry about their bedding when they go camping or caravanning. They may not […]

Darche Swags

Darche is a fine Australian producer of swags, sleeping bags and camping equipment. They are known for producing quality products that have been tried tested and proven to form the best type of shelter while out in the wilderness. While being light, compact and easy to set up, Darche makes their range in such a […]

Dexter Russell USA Swags

Features quality American Dexter Russell knives, including the Green River, SaniSafe and Sofgrip ranges along with quality AOS canvas wraps.

Rugged Xtremes Swags

Rugged Xtremes products have been specifically formulated to provide Tradespeople with functional, affordable and superior range of Work Bag solutions for the Australian workplace. Their direction has been firmly focused on revamping the existing range to better cater for the unique requirements of Australian Industrial and Mining sectors. The range now includes Bags to use […]

Moondyne Swags

Unfortunately Moondyne is no longer in business but here are some other great swags we would recommend instead. We highly recommend the brand Weisshorn and we even wrote an article here reviewing our favorite 3 swags.

Burke & Wills Swags

Either camping in the outback or the Aussie bush is made easy with a Burke & Wills canvas swag. The Burke & Wills range of swags are designed and manufactured tough for Australian conditions. Our range includes single basic swags, through to super deluxe domes and double swags. Most Burke & Wills swags include a […]

AOS Swags

AOS Swags are swag camping tents made in Australia. The name of the brand AOS means All Outdoors Solutions, as the name suggests they make solutions for people to enjoy outdoors and use their products to its full potential. AOS Swags have been manufacturing quality swags since 1983 from materials such as canvas, PVC-coated polycotton […]

True Blue Swags

True Blue Swags was founded in Brisbane, Australia by a man named Walter. True Blue Swags was originally Walter’s side business to his day job. It started with him selling swags from the back of his station wagon and eventually it grew into a huge success. In fact, True Blue Swags is now one of […]

Down Under Swags

Down Under Swags are constructed using a mixture of premium grade 15 and 17oz TearCheck Canvas. The bases use a 17oz canvas and the tops utilise a 15oz weight. All Down Under swags are waterproofed using the ‘Padding’ process. This is where heated wax is soaked into the canvas providing a softer canvas which is […]