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Wanderer Swags Company is an Australian-based company founded in 2004 by Andrew Parsons with a mission to provide Australians with premium, high quality camping swags at affordable prices. In doing so they have provided Australia with outdoor gear which stands up to tough weather conditions while staying lightweight for easy transport. Their range of swags is available internationally and their ultra light rip stop cotton material comes from Japan where it is woven into fabric before being sent to China for cutting and sewing.

While the Australian climate is extremely diverse, there are some things that can be said for certain. Namely that it is hot and dry. During the summer months (November through March) temperatures regularly reach above 35 degrees celsius (95 degrees fahrenheit). This dictates what material should be used to create swags which will keep people cool at night so they don’t overheat during their sleep.

Wanderer Swag Company makes their swags out of an ultra light rip stop material which is also waterproof. They achieve this by using a tightly woven cotton material with very fine threads in an offset pattern. The tight weave combined with small gaps between the thread creates small air pockets which act as insulation against heat outside of the swag. The offset pattern also makes the material waterproof. This is because water will not be able to pool on the inside of a swag which creates a barrier for any moisture that may come from rain or humidity during the night.

In addition to these qualities, this material is extremely lightweight and quite durable. The tight weave means that it is resistant against tears from thorns and branches as well as being easy to clean when necessary. Most importantly, it is breathable which keeps sleepers cool during a summer night beneath the stars in Australia or anywhere else in the world where swags are used.

One thing to note about Wanderer Swags is that they do have a range of different sizes available depending on who they are going to fit. The most common swags from Wanderer are the single size, or a double size that can be zipped open to make a king sized bed.

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