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The Australian owned company, Sahara Swags, is dedicated to making the best swag on the market. The brand was born in 2003 with its founders designing and manufacturing outdoor products for over ten years before. Their aim has always been to make camping more comfortable and luxurious by developing new ranges that are functional whilst still maintaining an authentic experience.

What are Sahara Swags Made Of?

The swags are made out of a very thin but tough material designed to keep the weather and insects away, whilst also providing comfort for its sleeper. Sahara Swags can be used anywhere in

Australia and overseas. They provide great shelter from the wind and rain during an Australian storm or if you’re camping abroad which proves that they go beyond just being a swag. Sahara

Swags are made with an Australian weatherproof canvas that is waterproof which is only used on one side of the material, making them breathable for sleeping in temperatures of up to 50 degrees celcius.

Sahara Swag Sizes

The design team at Sahara Swags pride themselves on providing comfort while watching out for durability and weight. They achieve this by using heavy-duty coil poles that are tough and won’t bend, but also very lightweight. They’ve recently increased the size of their designs which is great for people who find it hard to get comfortable in regular sized swags. Their swag sizes are 160x160cm, 180x180cm, 200x200cm and 240x240cm.

It is no surprise that Sahara Swags are used by many Australians, both young and old. Children love them because they’re more of a bed than a swag while adults enjoy the fact they can sleep in their swags during any season including winter when it can get quite cold! The quality has really improved over recent years which shows the commitment and passion of this company.

Sahara Swag Designs

The Sahara Swags designs come in a range of different colours and patterns, so there is definitely one to suit your style! They even do custom printed swags which is awesome if you want your own logo or name on it. These would make awesome promotional items as well as Christmas presents for those kiddies who love to camp.

If you’re after a new swag for your upcoming camping trip, don’t sleep on it! Head to the Sahara Swags website now to take advantage of their great deals and fantastic quality products.

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