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Darche is a fine Australian producer of swags, sleeping bags and camping equipment. They are known for producing quality products that have been tried tested and proven to form the best type of shelter while out in the wilderness. While being light, compact and easy to set up, Darche makes their range in such a way that they can be used when car or motorcycle camping, when taking part in outdoor recreation like hiking or cycling or even when you need to find shelter quickly in an emergency situation.


Darche has always had good deals on offer with people who bought multiple items at once (usually two) getting discounts on further purchases. It would also be possible to get discounts by buying at certain times like around Christmas time. The Darche company is one that has a good reputation for quality and discount but also tries to keep it classy by not openly boasting about the price.

Customer Service

Darche keeps their name going strong by maintaining a high level of both service and after-service as well as providing helpful information to their customers regarding all things swag, sleeping bag and camping related. They provide this free over email or phone so even those who wouldn’t be able to afford such items could still get something out of the Darche experience.

Quality Swags At Affordable Prices

One thing that puts people off buying these types of products is that they often cost too much and you would only ever use them once or twice in your life.

Because Darche sells high quality items that would last you for years and provide shelter during even the most difficult conditions, they are able to do this at prices which were once considered affordable.

By maintaining such a high level of production and selling their products in multiple countries around the world, Darche has been able to grow into one of the top camping equipment sellers online and also maintain a presence in major retailers like Bunnings.


While anything made by Darche is usually easy to get hold of both within Australia and overseas, there have been some rare occasions where certain items may not be available. If you find that what you were looking for isn’t available then it’s worth checking back occasionally as new stock comes into retailers all the time.

Darche is a company that produces top quality products for use by everyone- whether it be an outdoor enthusiast looking for their next challenge, someone who needs to find shelter quickly or even if you just enjoy taking your car off the beaten path.

Darche provides good discounts when purchasing multiple items at once and also offers very helpful information about their range of products.

Their high quality, well priced products are seen as good value for money throughout the industry and because Darche has expanded into other areas like apparel they are constantly growing in popularity.

While not being difficult to get hold of, there have been some rare occasions where stock may not be available but it’s worth checking back occasionally as new stock comes in continuously.

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