AOS Swags

AOS Swags are swag camping tents made in Australia. The name of the brand AOS means All Outdoors Solutions, as the name suggests they make solutions for people to enjoy outdoors and use their products to its full potential.

AOS Swags have been manufacturing quality swags since 1983 from materials such as canvas, PVC-coated polycotton and ripstop nylon.

Swag style tents can sleep up to 3 people and size varies depending on whether it is a single person or family sized tent.

  • The most popular choice is the AOS 2 Person Deluxe Swag Tent that features:
  • Breathable water repellent cotton canvas with PVC coating
  • No fly sheet ensuring 360 degree view of the night sky
  • Rugged vinyl floor
  • PVC window and door edges for extra durability
  • Relaxed rectangular design with full-sized comfortable swag beds that can be opened flat to form a double bed.

AOS Swags has over 25 years of experience in making quality outdoor gear and each swag is made by very experienced staff members. The brand’s philosophy is to make high quality products at affordable prices, so everybody can enjoy their experiences outside without spending too much money.

If you are looking to buy a great and comfortable swag for yourself or as a gift, AOS Swags should definitely be considered as your first choice. It does not matter if you want it for camping trips, beach holidays or even as an emergency shelter; these tents will provide you with a great night’s sleep.