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Down Under Swags are constructed using a mixture of premium grade 15 and 17oz TearCheck Canvas. The bases use a 17oz canvas and the tops utilise a 15oz weight. All Down Under swags are waterproofed using the ‘Padding’ process. This is where heated wax is soaked into the canvas providing a softer canvas which is easier to roll, and it also eliminates the risk of cracking and therefore waterproofing qualities.

Down Under make very high, durable swags that perform great in most kinds of conditions. Built with the newest design technicques to build the highest quality swag possible, you find any faults with a Down Under swag.

Whether you are spending time in the outback or the Aussie bush it’s made very easy with a Down Under quality swag. The Down Under swags are designed and created exactly for the rough

Australian extreme weather. Their range of swags include beginner single swags all the way up to deluxe domes and double swags.

Most of the Down Under swags include a comfortable foam mattress, are very simple to put together and are available with a Canvas or PVC base.

All of the swags have the Down Under guarantee so can feel safe knowing that you are making the best decision when it comes to a new new swag.

The Down Under Range of Swags

Down Under Dingo King Size Biker Swag

The Dingo Biker Swag is a high end traditionally designed swag that provides great space and comfort. The swag is designed with a traditional side entry that has a zipped mesh on the front.The

Dingo KS Swag comes with a a strong foot support that is able to be pegged via the base then tied off up the top to allow the canvas to be lifted off the body.

There is an optional adjustable steel support pole which can be purchased with the swag however you can just tie the swag to anything upright such as a bull-bar, tree, fence post etc.

The biker swag is specifically designed for motorbike touring, the Dingo King Size Biker swag uses a very unique high density 32mm quality foam from Dunlop Australia which makes it incredibly comfortable while also being able to be rolled up and put on the back of your bike while travelling.

Down Under Dingo XXL Swag

The Dingo Swag is a top of the range traditional style XXL swag which is incredibly comfortable and provides a decent amount of space.

There is a traditional entry on the side with a front mesh that has an easy to use zipper.

The Dingo includes an upright foot support and it can be pegged at the base and tied off at the top which allows the canvas to be elevated off the body.

It’s easy to elevate the canvas off the body by using the included upright foot support that you can simply peg at the based and tie off at the top.

You can also purchase an adjustable steel pole but this is not needed as you can use fence posts, trees or even the car bull bar.

Down Under Dingo Double Swag

Like the other range of Dingo Swags this one also provides great comfort and room. The swag has a traditional side entry with a zipped front mesh. The Dingo includes an upright foot support and it can be pegged at the base and tied off at the top which allows the canvas to be elevated off the body.

Down Under Brumby XL Deluxe Swag

The Brumby Dome is our top of the range Down Under dome swag. Designed for those who only want the best, the Brumby offers exceptional comfort with a supremely comfortable high density 70mm mattress, with top mesh, front opening window and a hooded foot vent, this extra roomy swag offers exceptional ventilation.

The Brumby comes fully equipped with poles, pegs and ropes that makes setting up your swag a breeze.


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