Saul Swags

Saul Swags are locally made by Saul. He is a local man who has been making these swags for over 20 years.

The company is called Saul Swag Company because the designer, Saul, makes individual swag panels inspired by bright colors and fun patterns (see image below). The company offers custom sizing based on customer need. For commercial purchasers, they can hire him as an independent contractor to design and make swags for their buildings.

For residential customers, they can buy a pre-made swag for themselves or hire him as an independent contractor to decorate their homes on an ongoing basis on a commission basis.
Additionally, the company offers installation services so that smaller contractors do not have to worry about hiring someone else come installation time.

What are Saul Swags Made Of?

Saul uses high quality materials on all of his products. His designs are very unique, but he makes some classic styles if that is what you are looking for too! All of the fabrics used are 100% cotton with poly fill batting between the front fabric and back lining fabric. The stitched seams are notch which means they will hold up to the test of time.