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For those who intend to camp out and want the best, there is one brand that stands above the rest: Jungle Reef Swags. This Australian made camping swag business has been in operation since 1953 and continually produces quality outdoor sleeping products.

The company was founded by Bill and Dorothy Rothwell and originally named both Jungle and Reef after Darwin, Australia where they got their idea for the first swag – a tough, waterproof canvas cover with a wooden frame attached which provided protection from condensation within the material as well as repelling water from outside it. The name Jungle Reef was later shortened as they began to produce other types of sleeping equipment such as tents and sleeping bags.

Today, this family owned company still operates out of their home in Darwin and provides Australians with quality camping gear.

Jungle Reef Swags are all handmade in Australia. They use cotton duck canvas for their swags which is both lightweight and durable while also being breathable to prevent condensation within the sleeping bag. The exterior canvas is treated with a polyurethane coating that not only repels water but also makes it easier to clean after use – all you need is soap and water!

Inside, these swags are filled with pure cotton batting. There are three layers of material, creating an insulation barrier between you and the ground at night when out travelling in cool or cold weather conditions.

The Jungle Reef range includes single swags suitable for one person, king single swags suitable for two people and double swags suitable for couples. The length of the single and king single swags can be adjusted depending on height to eliminate excess material dragging along the ground during sleep.

The base designs include a half circle entry, a D door design and a square entry as shown below. There are also various sizes such as extra long, standard and short so you can choose the perfect size for your own height or those travelling with you! Finally, these versatile camping swags come in two colours: blue/grey and green/brown so they don’t stand out too much when outdoors helping to reduce the chance of theft by others who may not mean to harm but rather steal from campers.

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