Oztrail Swags

Swags are popular camping equipment used in Australia to sleep in overnight. Swags come in different sizes and the most popular swag brand in Australia is Oztrail.

About Oztrail Swags Company

Oztrail is a well-known camping product company that began in 1993 with their mission to create quality, innovative swags. They sell their products across the world and are well-known for quality.

What are Oztrail Swags Made Of?

Oztrail swags are made of canvas, PVC panels with a frame of powder coated steel tube with flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) joints. This material is water resistant and easy to keep clean.

What size swags does Oztrail make?

Oztrail makes three sizes of swags: extra large, king and single size.

  • The extra large sized swag is around 207 cm long and 88 cm wide (6’10” x 2’11”).
  • The king-sized swag is 235cm long and 98cm wide (7ft 8in x 3ft 2in).
  • The single size is 220cm long and 90cm wide (7ft 4in x 2ft 11″){1}.