Murchison River Swags

Murchison River Swags are Australian swags made by the Murchison River Company.

The company was started in 1988 with four swags, and now they have grown to be Australia’s most widely distributed swag brand.

Their great service is marked by their ‘swag guarantee’ which covers any faults or defects with their products for 10 years.

Murchison River Swags are ideal for any occasion where you need a classic style outdoor bedding solution that provides protection from insects, dirt and moisture. They are used by genuine

Aussie families all over Australia as well as campers who love fishing, hunting and exploring our vast country.

Murchison River Swags come in a variety of sizes including single , double , queen and king so they are ideal for all members of the family. The material is 100% cotton duck which is heavy duty, tough and breathable to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Their exclusive lining is woven out of durable polyethylene that protects the swag from dust, dirt , dampness or condensation . They also help regulate temperature by being waterproof on one side but allowing airflow through the other.  Polyethylene’s noiseless fabric ensures a quiet night sleep while camping in some quiet spots around Australia!

Polycotton Material

The Murchison River Company uses a special blend of polyester intertwined with 100% cotton fabric which gives their swags an excellent weight to strength ratio while still remaining waterproof.

They are highly resistant to tearing and abrasion, even in the toughest conditions which is why they are used by Australia’s leading mining companies.

It makes them ideal for people who love camping, fishing or hunting because you’ll never have to worry about getting your swag wet!

The air vents allow airflow so there is no condensation build-up inside the swags, keeping you dry and comfortable all night. Murchison River Swags also stand up by themselves so it’s easy for anyone to get in or out of their swag no matter what height or weight. This comes especially handy if you’re sharing a double swag with small children who need that little extra bit of ease when entering and exiting . You’ll never have to worry about waking them up again!

Their swag’s aren’t just for sleeping either, many customers use them on the beach, on picnics and all sorts of outdoor events because they are so easy to transport. The strong carry bags allow you to move your swags around with ease, whether it be by plane or four-wheel drive.

Each swag is made according to Murchison’s specifications which means that each brand new swag is more comfortable than ever before .

The Murchison River Company provides top quality Australian swags at unbeatable prices. Their website offers free shipping Australia wide plus a 100% price guarantee – if you find one cheaper anywhere else they will refund double the difference. On top of this they offer a swag replacement warranty which promises you will be given your money back if your swag ever loses its water resistance.

So enjoy the great outdoors with Murchison River Swags!

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