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Blackwolf swags are Australian outdoor and camping equipment that is made by the company Blackwolf. The company was founded in 1992 and has helped pioneer sleeping bag technology. It focuses on creating outstanding products for both its own brand and other brands as well.

Blackwolf swags are known for their high quality due to sturdy materials such as heavy duty ripstop nylon, which provides durable bags for those who need them. These materials also help keep weight down so it’s easier to carry backpacking gear as well as not having to worry about tearing or holes.

What are Blackwolf Swags Made Of? :

Heavy Duty Ripstop Nylon – this material helps protect against tears and rips while still being lightweight, preventing bulky bags that are hard to take backpacking.

Velcro Straps – these help keep the swags shut so no outside animals can get in and also helps keep its rolled shape closed when not in use.

Heavy Duty Zippers – the swags have heavy duty zippers so they won’t break or come undone while you’re sleeping. These zippers also allow them to be opened up fully for layering systems if needed.

Stylish Design – the Blackwolf swags don’t just focus on functionality; they look stylish too with their modern design and color choices which is perfect for anyone who wants something that will last long but looks good at the same time.

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