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What better way to promote Australia as a country than through its swags? For those who may not be well-versed in the Australian term, a “Boab Swag” is basically another name for a bedroll – you know, one of those things that people used to carry around and sleep on when they were traveling (usually back in like medieval times?). The bags are made by the Australian company Boab Swags, which was started in 2009.

The name of this company is actually based on a very interesting piece of the landscape in Australia – a very large type of tree called a “Boab”. There’s one located right next to Broome, Western Australia that is so large it has its own Wikipedia page!

Looking at Boab Swag Company’s website, you’ll find that they’re actually an Aussie-owned business. This means that all of their swags are produced locally in order to support local communities and businesses. All fabrics come from reputable brands like Ripstop by the Roll, with most being 100% cotton canvas.

They offer a wide variety of swags, like the range below.

The Boab range has five different sized swags (which are all related to each other – it’s not like one is tiny and another is humongous.) This includes: Eucalyptus (S/M), Karri (L/XL), King

Brown (XXL), Blackbutt (3XL) and Forest Red Gum (4XL). The sizes go from small to very large, which pretty much covers everyone in terms of size!

Each size also has two different color choices and styles. Some have heavier fabric and some lighter; some with mesh and some without; everything you need for comfort!

Boab Swags can be purchased on, and the company’s website.

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