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Swags are great for camping. They provide a sleeping area separate from the rest of the gear in your pack and can be used to keep you warm on cool nights. A good swag will help you enjoy the outdoors even more than usual, but finding one that is suitable for your needs is not always easy. Panorama Swags offer premium quality at an affordable price, with many different sizes available to suit most people’s needs; all crafted with care by Australians who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to this type of canvas bedroll.

Panorama Swags are perfect for setting up camp anywhere in Australia!

About Panorama Swags Company

Panorama Swags was founded by Kevin Vickers who has strong ties to Australia’s outdoor heritage. He will never forget his many experiences in the bush, but he can’t deny that not all swags are built equally, and he knew he could do better. The company was founded with this in mind, to bring premium quality swags into the market for people who would appreciate them.

The company motto is “sleep comfortable anywhere” because they believe everyone should be able to enjoy the natural world without discomfort getting in the way. This is why Panorama Swags are designed with comfort at their core, ensuring you have everything you need for a good night’s sleep every time.

What are Panorama Swags Made Of?

Panorama Swags feature only the best materials available. Before work on each swag starts, Kevin makes sure no corners are cut and all materials meet Panorama’s high standards.

The canvas is made from 100% pure cotton with a thread count of 181 x 158 per square inch, which ensures it will last for many years to come. It also features a waterproofing process that prevents any moisture from seeping through the material and into your sleeping area. This way you don’t have to worry about being cold or getting wet when you crawl into bed at night no matter where you are camping! The mattress is filled with pure sheep’s wool which provides an extremely comfortable feel, though it can be easily compressed so it takes up less space in your pack when being transported.

Panorama swags are handmade in Australia from 100% pure cotton canvas and filled with pure wool, so you know they will stand the test of time

Inside each swag is a set of high quality Australian standard bed sheets that help keep your sleeping area clean and comfortable. The fitted sheet wraps all the way around to provide a secure fit, ensuring there is nothing in the way when you climb in for a good night’s sleep. The flat sheet lets you adjust how much or little cover you want depending on the temperature outside, while also allowing plenty of room to relax without feeling confined.

These top-quality sheets make crawling into your swag easy, even after a long day spent exploring nature!

What size swags does Panorama make?

Panorama Swags come in a wide range of different sizes so they can accommodate most needs. They even offer oversize options to suit taller people or those who like extra room while sleeping.

Each swag is made to order, and you can choose between single and double depending on what best suits your needs.

The swags are also available in oversize to suit those taller than 185cm (6ft 1in), though you should note that this option will add an extra $20 to the price of each item.

If you’d like more information on Panorama Swags and other products Kevin and his team offer, head to the website today! You can also contact them directly if you want a swag made to order with your own unique features, such as waterproofing or fitted sheets that meet specific requirements.

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