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Dune swags are 100% Australian made, with 90% of production in house. They are not only beautiful but also incredibly functional. Quality workmanship is what the team at Dune strives for when designing their swags. All materials are sourced from high quality suppliers and tested before being added to the product line up to ensure they meet you expectations of strength, durability and comfort.

What are Dune Swags Made Of?

Dune swags are made using a 5 layer construction that ensures the best possible protection from the elements. The base layer of rip-stop poly cotton fabric provides a hard wearing material which is both water repellent whilst still good airflow through the swag. The next layer is a lightweight but durable poly cotton lining that provides warmth. This material also helps to protect the base fabric from abrasion and damage.

Over 1’000 grams of poly fiber insulation are used in each swag, providing excellent thermal insulation whilst still allowing for airflow. The final layer is an internal PVC waterproof coating to ensure no moisture gets through.

What size swags does Dune make?

Dune swags come in 4 different sizes: single, queen, king and super king. Each size swag has been designed with specific features that cater to your individual style of camping or sleeping arrangements. For example, the queen size comes with two layers of insulation, while the other sizes have one so that you can cool down on particularly hot nights. All swags come with a removable floor and stiffened frame for stability, however the king size comes with double insulation, making it slightly warmer than the others.

The super king is significantly larger than the other sizes as this was designed specifically to fit extra tall people or those who like large swag spaces.

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