Rough Rider Knives

Rough Rider Knives are a brand of knives that are manufactured in the United States. The knives are made with high-quality materials and feature unique designs. The company offers a wide range of knives, including fixed blade knives, folding knives, and multi-tools.

Rough Rider Knives are popular among outdoors enthusiasts and hunters. The knives are also used by military personnel and law enforcement officers. The brand has a strong following among knife collectors and enthusiasts.

The company was founded in 2001 by two brothers, Rick and Doug Hogue. The brothers were inspired to create the brand after they purchased a collection of vintage pocket knives at an auction. They began making their own knives in their garage and soon developed a reputation for producing high-quality knives.

Today, Rough Rider Knives is a leading manufacturer of knives in the United States. The company is based in Titusville, Florida. Rough Rider Knives are sold through a variety of retailers, including outdoor gear stores and sporting goods stores. The knives are also available on the company’s website.

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